Saturday, May 25, 2013

overnight cinnamon rolls.

i'm back. i can't believe it has be so long since i posted but i finally have my kitchen back (kind of) so maybe this will become a regular thing again. let's hope. 

this might not be a complicated "recipe" but it is definitely a yummy one. i found it on pinterest. it is definitely not a replacement for homemade rolls but it is quick and easy which, in my opinion, is awesome.

go buy a bag of rhodes frozen cinnamon rolls, a small package of cook and serve vanilla pudding, and some butter. 

overnight cinnamon rolls: 

spray a 9x13 pan with cooking spray. place rolls in a single layer. 

next, sprinkle uncooked pudding powder over the rolls. 

melt one stick of butter in the microwave and pour over the rolls. {honestly, a stick of butter is A could easily be just fine with half a stick.}

spray a sheet of saran wrap with cooking spray and place tightly over the pan. {the spray will help when the rolls rise} 

stick in the fridge overnight. save the packages of icing for later.

in the morning, pull them out and let them rise until doubled. {this could take anywhere from 20-30 minutes or an hour or two} 

preheat your oven to 350. bake cinnamon rolls for 15-20 minutes. {i used the convection oven setting with a temperature of 325. mine took closer to 20 minutes, just make sure not to over bake them}

spread icing over warm cinnamon rolls and enjoy! 

i would definitely be interested in trying this recipe with different pudding flavors. maybe a pumpkin spice or butterscotch?!